After high school life got busy and I started to gain weight and got up to 160 pounds then I became pregnant twice in a 18 months. By the time I delivered my second baby I was 210 pounds. At that point I was determined to drop the weight! I managed to get back down to 150, but was so unhappy with my post baby body shape. So, I went to see ResFit on 4/21/11. They helped me change my diet to a plan, in which I was able to eat way more food than I was used to. I also started bodypump twice a week and cardio twice a week. I was amazed at how quickly my body changed! In 5 months, I went from wearing a size 10-12 in jeans to a size 4, and from large to x-large in shirts to smalls or x-smalls, and a size mediums in scrub to x-smalls (I’m a RN). I look and feel better than ever! I met with my trainer every 6 weeks to monitor my measurements and weight. We discussed my goals and changed them as my body changed. In 5 months I lost 17.6 pounds, 18.75 inches and went from 32.4% body fat to 24.2%. My life is forever changed! I make daily decisions now to better my health and my fitness! Thank you to everyone at ResFit for not just changing the way people look but their lifestyle, health, mindset and their entire day to day way of life! Thanks!!!!


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