Before I started training with Resurrection Fitness, I didn’t have much energy and I felt tired pretty much all the time. I had trouble sleeping and was pretty irritable, too from the combination of lack of sleep, poor eating habits and lack of exercise. I had gotten to the point to where even my “fat” jeans were even getting tight and I refused to buy a bigger size again. I LOVE shopping for clothes, but being the size that I was, it was no longer fun.

Since I started my program with ResFit, so much has changed. I have so much energy that I feel like I did when I was in high school. Now, that I no longer seem to have issues with sleeping, I find it rare to be in a bad mood and even my kids agree that I’m a much better mommy, now. I owe ResFit a huge thank you for making the quality of my life a whole lot better.

If anyone is currently tossing around the idea of getting a trainer, I would definitely say to DO IT! I’ve already lost 30 lbs and know that I could’ve never done it on my own. As a mom, sometimes it’s hard to justify spending extra time and money on myself, but let me tell you that it’s been worth every penny and every minute of my time.