Success Stories

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Michelle is a nurse and a mom with an innate passion for helping others. Her transformation journey started off when she became laser-focused at making her own workouts and lost an astounding 50 lbs in the process! Eventually she reached a plateau and the focus started to fade as she got bored with going to the gym by herself. She needed someone to provide her guidance and give her that extra push to kickstart her weight loss back into gear.

As fate would have it, she saw a post online that peaked her interest in giving Resurrection Fitness a try. “If it was any sooner, I would have...



Leslie is a busy school teacher whose goal was to get her health back on track. Once an avid gym goer, she found herself losing motivation to exercise after her recent job change. “I lost complete focus and never looked forward to going to the gym.” That was enough to derail her momentum and soon she found herself frustrated and missing out on work and church events because of the way she felt.

In early 2017 she decided to give Resurrection Fitness a chance because she knew a change was needed and had nothing to lose by committing herself. Although the first few weeks were...



Prior to joining ResFit, Chad was a floor layer working nonstop, and at the age of 34, decided to join the Army Reserves. He knew it would be physically challenging, so he joined ResFit to get in shape. His wife had been working out at ResFit and had great success, so she recommended he try it.

His goal for the longest time was to feel comfortable with his body and not feel self-conscious about how other people viewed him. Now he just wants to make sure he won't have a heart attack from being out of shape. He has struggled with his weight his whole life. “I tend to go to the extreme...

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My life before was fulfilling but I was frustrated by the clothes that I had to buy and the things I could not do. I am a mom of two college age children and a high school math teacher. I heard of Res Fit on Leslie's Facebook page where she bragged about how well her mom was doing. I thought if someone else's mom could do it, maybe I could. My friend, Shelley, talked me into doing a spring break trial. I was impressed with the work out, even though I didn't do well at the first one.

After the first three weeks, I had good results and decided I needed to do this for my health. It was...



Lost 55 lbs and 8% body fat



Before working with Resurrection Fitness, I had put on weight due to some poor eating habits and an increasingly sedentary lifestyle. I was pretty unhappy with what I saw when I looked in the mirror. Then, I started training with ResFit, and they helped me change what I see in the mirror.

In a matter of only 12 weeks, I lost 17 lbs and 11.5 inches by eating healthy and working hard with their help and encouragement!

I would highly recommend the team at Resurrection Fitness! They have certainly worked hard to help me achieve my fitness goals and I’m confident that they can help...



I've been on my journey to become healthy, fit and happy for about a year and a half now. Over the course of the last 18 months I have gone from 365 pounds of pure fat and laze to a buff, athletic frame of 235 pounds. I've learned more about my body, nutrition and exercise than I ever imagined, and I've been a catalyst for positive change in the lives of my family, friends and coworkers. I’ve never been healthier, looked better, nor felt better, and it’s all thanks to Resurrection Fitness.

Shortly after starting my journey with ResFit, I ended up moving over an hour away from the...



Lost 29 lbs and 10% body fat



After high school life got busy and I started to gain weight and got up to 160 pounds then I became pregnant twice in a 18 months. By the time I delivered my second baby I was 210 pounds. At that point I was determined to drop the weight! I managed to get back down to 150, but was so unhappy with my post baby body shape. So, I went to see ResFit on 4/21/11. They helped me change my diet to a plan, in which I was able to eat way more food than I was used to. I also started bodypump twice a week and cardio twice a week. I was amazed at how quickly my body changed! In 5 months, I went...



The old me two years ago was someone that that was very aggressive and determined to be successful in my career but unfortunately at the expense of my health. I was the person that worked long days in the office and many late nights and weekends sitting at the kitchen table working. I traveled constantly and had major back pain and chronic acid reflux.

I was referred to Resurrection Fitness and while skeptical, I was impressed with the time they take with me for my issues and goals. I’ve had at least seven personal trainers in my life and joined at least five gyms and this was the...



I have been working with ResFit for a while now with a few setbacks in scheduling and an injury at home. When I started training I was 268 pounds and could barely complete any of the tasks they requested of me. I felt that I had a major lack of energy and no confidence whatsoever. I had been on what felt like every diet known to man, patch, pill and exercise apparatus out there and NOTHING seemed to have worked. My problem was that I wanted a “quick fix” to get rid of the weight I was holding on to. Over the course of our training, my trainer taught me how to be patient with my body and...



Lost 18% body fat and gained 13 pounds of lean muscle mass



Before I started training with Resurrection Fitness, I didn’t have much energy and I felt tired pretty much all the time. I had trouble sleeping and was pretty irritable, too from the combination of lack of sleep, poor eating habits and lack of exercise. I had gotten to the point to where even my “fat” jeans were even getting tight and I refused to buy a bigger size again. I LOVE shopping for clothes, but being the size that I was, it was no longer fun.

Since I started my program with ResFit, so much has changed. I have so much energy that I feel like I did when I was in high school....



I’m 52 and a client of ResFit for a few years, now. I had never been a physical person. In fact, no exercise whatsoever.

My journey began a few years back when I was mentally drained and physically ill. I thought long and hard about what I could “try” to improve my quality of life and to make myself feel better. I had always heard that physical exercise released “feel good” endorphins. Being that I consider myself a “natural minded person”, I decided to utilize a personal trainer. (I had previously tried “the gym thing” a few times, but with no real self motivation, I seemed to...



I was tired of being tired all of the time and had no confidence in my ability to pull myself out of the physical and mental slump on my own. I decided that I needed to make changes so I called ResFit and several other facilities. I was looking for a place that would meet my needs and where I would feel comfortable. I met with a trainer and went through a history of my fitness level and goals for the future. It was an eye opening experience because it was clear to me that this was not a quick fix or a brief relationship I was getting into but instead a collaboration, a journey, and a...



Before training at Resurrection Fitness, I have to admit that I was pretty lazy. I didn’t like to exercise and just wanted to sit in the house and Even thinking about working out or doing anything physical just put me in a bad mood, so I continued not caring what I ate and it got to a point where I didn’t even care how much I weighed.

Now, I love the feeling of working out with my trainer and actually seeing results. I feel like I’m a completely different person and love the way I feel after a workout. I feel more energetic and can actually make it through the day on a full energy...



Azariah is another client of Resurrection Fitness and has lost over 9.5 percent bodyfat since his initial consultation with his trainer. Azariah trained three times per week to achieve the goals that he set. During his initial consultation, his main challenge for was to be able to see his abs by the end of his 12 week goals. At the end of the 12 week body composition/measurements, he had lost nearly 19 lbs of fat and could clearly see his abs just like he had hoped for. Azariah continued to build muscle mass after his 12 week goals were reached and quickly set new challenging goals for...