I have been working with ResFit for a while now with a few setbacks in scheduling and an injury at home. When I started training I was 268 pounds and could barely complete any of the tasks they requested of me. I felt that I had a major lack of energy and no confidence whatsoever. I had been on what felt like every diet known to man, patch, pill and exercise apparatus out there and NOTHING seemed to have worked. My problem was that I wanted a “quick fix” to get rid of the weight I was holding on to. Over the course of our training, my trainer taught me how to be patient with my body and that it does take hard work and most importantly, time when losing as much weight as I wanted to lose.

I’ve also learned about proper nutrition and portions as well as how to exercise the correct way without over training and with good intensity so I get results without hurting myself.

My confidence has gone through the roof and I’m no longer tired and feeling a state of hunger all the time either. Training is something I look forward to each week.

I went from 264 pounds all the way down to 168 pounds and continue to make improvements daily. ResFit has helped to me reach my 100 pound goal! I’ve also went from a size 22-24 down to a 8-10 and I feel great!


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