My life before was fulfilling but I was frustrated by the clothes that I had to buy and the things I could not do. I am a mom of two college age children and a high school math teacher. I heard of Res Fit on Leslie's Facebook page where she bragged about how well her mom was doing. I thought if someone else's mom could do it, maybe I could. My friend, Shelley, talked me into doing a spring break trial. I was impressed with the work out, even though I didn't do well at the first one.

After the first three weeks, I had good results and decided I needed to do this for my health. It was finally time to take care of me. I knew I could make a commitment for a 30 minute workout. I also knew I could not walk into other gyms and figure out what to do for me by myself. I hadn't really tried other places because for the previous 7 years, I was plagued with immense knee pain. I tried to walk and ride my bike. I chose ResFit because the program incorporated nutrition and exercise. I thought I was eating somewhat healthy but turns out I wasn't. Also, I have two fake knees and I am unable to do certain movements. The trainers are very good at modifying moves for injured or limited clients. That and the fact I was getting results sold me on signing on for a full year. I couldn't do this without modifications. So, if you see me doing something different or struggling a little, now you know why. Never stops me from trying!

I am now addicted to working out and wouldn't know how else to live. I am proud of how much stronger I am now and how much I am aware of how I eat on a daily basis. My goal was to get healthy and I know that sounds generic, but I want to be able to do things like camping, hiking and biking. I could do those things before but was so limited. They are not a problem for me now and I'm not done. I also have a goal of shopping in the regular sized department because there are so many more choices. I have recently bought a few items in that department. That is an amazing concept.

For my future self, I needed to get rid of the excess weight and get stronger so that I can have a chance of limiting the health issues that plague us as we get older. I couldn't have done this without the support of my husband and two kids. I told them I am not cooking two meals. You are eating what I eat and they have come along on the ride without any complaints. When I say I am going to workout, they say " see you later". and when we go out to eat, they make sure it is a place with good options. They are proud of what I have accomplished. The clients at Res Fit are also great supporters!


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