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New Year, New You 28 Day Program


New Years has come and gone and I bet you set a New Years resolution to get back into shape or something else that deals with your health goals.

Well…I’m happy to say, we are here to help you with these goals.

I’ve made great friends, which gives an added sense of accountability, but most importantly I’ve learned how to make being healthy a part of my life.”

Michelle now lives by what she calls her three D’s - Drive, Determination, and Dedication. Her most important piece of advice for those just starting on their own transformation journey is “make yourself a priority.”

I chose ResFit because the program incorporated nutrition and exercise. I thought I was eating somewhat healthy but turns out I wasn't. Also, I have two fake knees and I am unable to do certain movements.

I am now addicted to working out and wouldn't know how else to live. I am proud of how much stronger I am now and how much I am aware of how I eat on a daily basis. My goal was to get healthy and I know that sounds generic, but I want to be able to do things like camping, hiking and biking. I could do those things before but was so limited. They are not a problem for me now and I'm not done.
*Results Not Typical*

Leslie is a busy school teacher whose goal was to get her health back on track. Once an avid gym goer, she found herself losing motivation to exercise after her recent job change. “I lost complete focus and never looked forward to going to the gym.” That was enough to derail her momentum and soon she found herself frustrated and missing out on work and church events because of the way she felt.

Since Leslie has started she has lost almost 30 lbs! But the biggest change she has seen so far is her mindset and is a real motivator for others to do the same. She no longer lets a bad food choice screw up her whole day because she knows that living a healthy lifestyle is about being persistent.

*Results Not Typical*

What You Get During YOUR NEXT 28 DAYS...

💪 4 weeks of workouts designed to build lean, toned muscle

🍏 A personalized nutrition plan customized to get the best results for your body type and goals

🤝 A personal coach for support, motivation, and encouragement to stay on track

Only $99

Resurrection Fitness got me on the right path and finally helped me turn a “diet” into a lifestyle. 

*Results Not Typical*

My journey began a few years back when I was mentally drained and physically ill. I thought long and hard about what I could “try” to improve my quality of life and to make myself feel better. I had always heard that physical exercise released “feel good” endorphins. Being that I consider myself a “natural minded person”, I decided to utilize a personal trainer. (I had previously tried “the gym thing” a few times, but with no real self motivation, I seemed to fail… every single time. I determined that I needed someone to push me and to do it safely.

I now train 3 times per week and I am truly “addicted” to working out! I love it! I love being challenged and how it makes me feel!
*Results Not Typical*

ResFit has changed my life because they helped me realize that there are other important things to combine with working out to create a healthy lifestyle.

I feel like I've found right where I want to be in my life at this point. At 36 years old, I'm in better shape then I have ever been in!
*Results Not Typical*


The time is now! Don't wait any longer to finally feel better about how you look. Let us help show you the way. Sign up today and start melting that holiday weight off. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program for?

The ResFit Family is for everyone of all different fitness levels!


What kind of workouts are they?

Workouts combine elements of strength and endurance training to effectively lose body fat and build lean muscle. All sessions are 30 minutes.


What time are the sessions?

How many sessions can I come to?

The program is designed for 3 workouts per week.


What kind of nutrition plan do I get?

The nutrition plan will be personalized to your body type. We have done-for-you plans that most people follow at the beginning, but the goal is to keep things flexible to meet your lifestyle needs and still enjoy the foods you love.


What if I haven't exercised in a really long time?

That's OK! Our workouts can accomodate varying fitness levels.


I have an old injury, can we work around it?

Assuming you've been cleared by your doctor to resume physical activity, we can modify any exercise as needed.


Can I bring a friend?

Of course! And as a thank you for the referral we'll give you 50% of your program.


Have more questions?

Send us a message at and let us know how we can help!


Only $99