I've been on my journey to become healthy, fit and happy for about a year and a half now. Over the course of the last 18 months I have gone from 365 pounds of pure fat and laze to a buff, athletic frame of 235 pounds. I've learned more about my body, nutrition and exercise than I ever imagined, and I've been a catalyst for positive change in the lives of my family, friends and coworkers. I’ve never been healthier, looked better, nor felt better, and it’s all thanks to Resurrection Fitness.

Shortly after starting my journey with ResFit, I ended up moving over an hour away from the ResFit studio, which made scheduling sessions quite challenging. They were more than happy to work with my schedule and accommodate me any way they could. They always go above and beyond by answering questions I have through email, text, or phone call. Their commitment to me as their client and their passion for training are a huge part of why I've been so successful. The lessons, guides and information they teach are all easy to understand, relate to and apply to my own day-to-day life, and they set realistic goals that they know I'm capable of reaching. Both the workouts and nutrition plan I’ve been using with ResFit have evolved substantially over time.

Take note: This is NOT a static, cookie cutter plan read off of some website online. The trainers at Resurrection Fitness create custom, individually tailored routines for each one of their clients, taking into account not only their age, weight, etc, but also their personal interests, tastes and talents.


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