Michelle is a nurse and a mom with an innate passion for helping others. Her transformation journey started off when she became laser-focused at making her own workouts and lost an astounding 50 lbs in the process! Eventually she reached a plateau and the focus started to fade as she got bored with going to the gym by herself. She needed someone to provide her guidance and give her that extra push to kickstart her weight loss back into gear.

As fate would have it, she saw a post online that peaked her interest in giving Resurrection Fitness a try. “If it was any sooner, I would have probably glossed over it because I just wasn’t mentally ready to admit that I needed the extra help. It was just the right place at the right time.”

“I love that I don’t have to think about the workouts; they’re already planned out and I just have to do it. I’ve made great friends, which gives an added sense of accountability, but most importantly I’ve learned how to make being healthy a part of my life.”

Since starting with Resurrection Fitness almost a year ago, Michelle has lost an additional 20 lbs and 9% body fat! Michelle now lives by what she calls her three D’s - Drive, Determination, and Dedication. Her most important piece of advice for those just starting on their own transformation journey is “make yourself a priority.”


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