Leslie is a busy school teacher whose goal was to get her health back on track. Once an avid gym goer, she found herself losing motivation to exercise after her recent job change. “I lost complete focus and never looked forward to going to the gym.” That was enough to derail her momentum and soon she found herself frustrated and missing out on work and church events because of the way she felt.

In early 2017 she decided to give Resurrection Fitness a chance because she knew a change was needed and had nothing to lose by committing herself. Although the first few weeks were challenging, Leslie realized that pushing herself outside her comfort zone would be the catalyst for real change.

“The trainers are so knowledgeable and helpful and the group setting is so motivating. I also love the fact that you can get a great workout in only 30 minutes so I don’t half to spend hours in the gym.” She has even developed close friendships with other members that adds a layer of accountability. “We’ll text each other if someone misses a session or if someone has a question or just share how their day is going.”

Since Leslie has started she has lost almost 30 lbs! But the biggest change she has seen so far is her mindset and is a real motivator for others to do the same. She no longer lets a bad food choice screw up her whole day because she knows that living a healthy lifestyle is about being persistent.


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