I’m 52 and a client of ResFit for a few years, now. I had never been a physical person. In fact, no exercise whatsoever.

My journey began a few years back when I was mentally drained and physically ill. I thought long and hard about what I could “try” to improve my quality of life and to make myself feel better. I had always heard that physical exercise released “feel good” endorphins. Being that I consider myself a “natural minded person”, I decided to utilize a personal trainer. (I had previously tried “the gym thing” a few times, but with no real self motivation, I seemed to fail… every single time. I determined that I needed someone to push me and to do it safely.

I began with doing my sessions twice per week and speaking honestly, for the first four months, I truly loathed working out. It hurt…but with caring and positive encouragement from the team, I persevered. Shortly after, I began noticing incredible changes, both mentally and physically. The physical aspect was a huge perk for me. At 50 years of age, I was able to “sport a bikini”! NEVER in my life had I felt confident enough to wear one!

I now train 3 times per week and I am truly “addicted” to working out! I love it! I love being challenged and how it makes me feel!


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