Prior to joining ResFit, Chad was a floor layer working nonstop, and at the age of 34, decided to join the Army Reserves. He knew it would be physically challenging, so he joined ResFit to get in shape. His wife had been working out at ResFit and had great success, so she recommended he try it.

His goal for the longest time was to feel comfortable with his body and not feel self-conscious about how other people viewed him. Now he just wants to make sure he won't have a heart attack from being out of shape. He has struggled with his weight his whole life. “I tend to go to the extreme on everything I do. I go all or nothing with no in between. That goes for my fitness and my bad habits.”

“What I like about ResFit is the push that I get from my trainers to work as hard as I can. The trainers are very knowledgeable and I have developed friendships with many others that I workout with. I love coming to ResFit to let the stresses of everyday life leave my body one sweat drop at a time. My proudest achievement is when I went from 36% body fat to 16% right before leaving for Army basic training. ResFit has changed my life because they helped me realize that there are other important things to combine with working out to create a healthy lifestyle. My trainers and new friends make me want to come work out every day, which ultimately leads to a healthier life!

Years ago he worked many hours, leading to eating out all the time, and got up to 244 pounds. He had a hard time breathing, snoring every night, and had to hold his breath to tie his shoes. “I decided to get healthy for myself and my family. I’ve read that 21 days of repeating anything will make it a habit, so that's what I did.”

His fitness over the last 10 years has had its ups and downs but “I feel like I've found right where I want to be in my life at this point. At 36 years old, I'm in better shape then I have ever been in!”


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