Top 7 Holiday Eating Tips

It’s that time of year again!

The season for joy, connection, and celebration.

It’s also prime season for eating.

Everyone knows how common it is to gain 7-10lbs over the holiday season…but it doesn’t have to be that way!

If you want to avoid that for yourself and feel amazing when you enter 2020, practice these 7 tips:

1. Don’t allow overindulgence for more than one meal per day.

2. Keep breakfast light or skip it entirely if you’re having a large lunch or early dinner.

3. Drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water per day.

4. Break a sweat every single day.

5. Make sure you’re strength training no less than 3x/week.

6. Buffets are for bites – to try and taste a variety of things, not to consume full portions.

7. Don’t be afraid to say no. If you’re getting peer pressure to eat more than you desire, it’s ok to decline.

Which of these do you consistently do well with?

Which of these are the greatest struggles for you?

We’d also love to...

November 2019 - Image 1.png

Sometimes it can feel like you’re doing literally everything and still not seeing your body change the way you want to.

Usually people want to lose excess fat while gaining muscle, resulting in the “toned” look.

Even for those who “know what to do,” it can be a real struggle.

What’s about to be said can be hard to accept.

(This assumes you don’t have any specific medical conditions affecting weight.)

The truth is that aside from the above, if you’re not seeing the changes in your body you desire, you’re not doing what it takes to create those results.

You see… people often describe nearly perfect diets and exercise habits who have been struggling with weight for years.

It’s easy to convince ourselves that we’re doing the stuff, but if we were, the desired results would surely follow. Not overnight but you would see significant change over a few weeks and especially a few months.

If this hasn’t been the case, it’s because you’re taking in more calories than you’re expending.

Plain and simple.

Of course, having...

November 2019 - Image 2.png

With the chaos of modern life, it’s easy to put off our health.

For a time that’s right or more convenient.

For after a particular event or season.

For when you have more money to invest.

But everyone knows, if they’re honest with themselves, that those things are simply excuses that make us feel better about inaction.

It’s really amazing how the human mind can justify anything and make it feel as if what we WANT to believe is true.

It can feel like we have all the time in the world to tackle the problem…

Until we don’t.

A bad report from a doctor.

A sudden illness.

A complete deterioration of self-esteem due to body issues built up over time.

So, what’s the answer?

Act now. Like…right now.

Walk the dog. Go for a jog. Play with your kids. Just do SOMETHING to move you forward. Right now.

Just do SOMETHING to move you forward. Right now.

Time is passing by and every second...

3 Bad Habits

Are you stuck in the frustrating cycle of gaining and losing the same 5 pounds but never reaching your goal weight?

Read on to see if these 3 Bad Habits are holding you back from the body of your dreams…

Bad Habit #1: You’re Eating TOO MUCH (healthy food)

Yes, there is such thing as TOO MUCH healthy food. Extra calories can come from healthy food just as readily as from unhealthy foods.

Yes, healthier foods are typically lower in calories, so it will take you longer to gain weight by overeating roasted chicken and sweet potato than it would ice cream and chips, but the extra pounds will add up nonetheless.

If you would like to lose weight then it’s very important to control your portions, even of super healthy foods, since ALL foods carry calories, and too many calories will block weight loss.

Bad Habit #2: You’re Dehydrated (not enough water)

If you are like most people then you live in a state of partial dehydration, every day. Being dehydrated is dangerous for all of your major body organs, and it...

Trust Your Struggle

Life is a combination of every emotion under the sun.

We live for the moments of happiness, joy, excitement, and all of the wonderful things that energize us, inspire us, and make us feel complete.

But what about the tough stuff?

Broken relationships, body disappointment, poor health and disease, financial struggles…

We believe that some of the most powerful growth experiences of our lives will always come from our struggles.

We won’t necessarily appreciate that struggle in the moment. In fact, we might hate it and wonder why something so awful is happening to us.

But there’s a lesson and opportunity for growth under it all.

When you feel these intense struggles throughout your life remember…

…Thousands or millions of other people have also experienced this struggle and you are not alone.

…Life is cyclical and better times are coming.

…You can become curious about the circumstance rather than fill yourself full of fear and worry. Seek meaning and lessons.

…And simply know that you...

Pancakes with Raspberries

Say WHAT!?!?

But it’s really true that you can eat what you want and still have the body you desire!

Here’s the catch though…

You can eat whatever you want BUT NOT whenever you want and however much you want.

Yes, we’re talking about the concept of moderation.

It’s not exciting or sexy, but it works…far more than any pills and powders you can swallow.

We think successful moderation comes down to a few things:

  • Limiting your portions – 1-2 slices of pizza is fine. Half the pizza isn’t!
  • Making sure it’s worth it – if you’re going to eat less than optimal foods, just make sure it’s out of joy and fulfillment because that food is so amazing – not out of boredom, obligation, speed, etc.
  • Keep your 80/20 rule in check – stay on track 80% of the time and indulge 20% of the time.
  • Indulge without guilt – enjoy it in the moment and don’t finish it thinking “I’m going to have to exercise this...
Pasted Graphic 2.jpg

I want you to know that Resurrection Fitness exists for you.

Here are some of the things I deeply desire for YOU:

  • Happiness
  • Being proud of your body
  • Acceptance of self and even self-love
  • To inspire others with your life
  • To go to bed fulfilled and wake up excited
  • Unwavering confidence and belief in yourself

You see…

These are the things we help our clients here at Resurrection Fitness cultivate on a regular basis.

Sometimes we don’t realize how much taking care of our bodies impacts every other area of life until we’re experiencing it.

And I promise, taking care of yourself physically truly changes everything.

Let’s create positive impact together.

I’m here for you.

Believe In Yourself

There’s such a strong message in the world about what your body should look like, and it can create an unimaginable heaviness inside of us and chronic feelings about not being good enough.

Perhaps you’ve experienced this?

I know I have. And you might be thinking – “But you’re a fitness professional! How is that possible?”

Oh, but it is! The pressure and the standard is very high in my industry, so believe it or not, I absolutely relate to what you might be experiencing.

And I want to introduce this idea that brings me so much peace…

It’s the idea of coming home to your body and to yourself.

It’s where you honor, nourish, love, and appreciate the body you’ve been given.

It’s where you actively and regularly identify things about yourself that you absolutely love.

It’s where you take pride in the things you do to take care of yourself – exercise, eat well, rest…

It’s where you become part of a community of people all working toward finding that home and feeling peace with their bodies.

More than anything,...

March 2019 - Image 1.png

You can’t control everything that happens around you.

But you can control you.

You can control how you respond to things.

And the current state of your health and body are absolutely the result of the decisions you’ve made (barring certain illnesses and conditions).

We can blame the kids.

We can blame work.

We can blame the days for not having more hours in them.

But the truth is, you’ve ended up here, in this state at this moment, as a result of your choices.

Neutral choices do not exist.

Every food makes you healthier or unhealthier.

Every time you choose to lift a weight or take a step…or not…makes you healthier or unhealthier.

When you can see everything as a CHOICE in your day, it becomes an opportunity to move closer to your goals or further away from them.

Understanding how this adds up over time makes it easier to brace for the compound effect, for better or worse.

So, what has been the result of the choices you’ve made for your body up to this moment?

Are you happy with...


What would it look like for you to change just 1% of your daily habits, behaviors or thoughts?

What's the impact of 1% change?

If you were flying an airplane and you flew off course by just 1%, there is a great chance you'd end up on another continent, let alone in the place you intended to be.

The same thing goes for your health habits. If you change just 1% of your behavior, it can add up to big results.

There are no neutral choices in life. Every choice you make every day puts you on the curve of achieving your goals and finding success or further from the goal.

But what does 1% change look like? It could be sleeping 1% longer each night (just a few minutes), eating half the cookie instead of the entire thing, adding 1 minute of high intensity to the end of your workout, reading for the time equivalent to 1% of your day. Once the 1% becomes a habit, you add another 1% change, and another...

Soon you've changed your entire life by 1%. You're living a bigger, more vibrant, more inspired life!


January 2019 - Photo 2.png

Despite what many people in the business world are teaching, there is a very simple way to move your business and your life forward.

It's not writing to-do lists, creating a strategic plan or, some other complex thing.

It's simple, really.

It's action.

It's literally taking one step in the right direction...followed by another and then another.

And sometimes this requires experimenting with totally new actions if previous ones weren't working.

When we overcomplicate things, we get ourselves stuck. We find ourselves frozen, unable to take action.

We overwhelm ourselves with the big picture and suddenly it all just feels out of reach.

If you're feeling this right now, stop and ask yourself - what is the easiest step forward I can take?

Because we must always remember that action creates results, which create motivation - not the other way around.

So, what's your next right step?

January 2019 - Photo 3.png

It’s no secret that sugar is bad for us. It feeds disease, impacts your brain, messes with your energy, and makes people fat. It rots your teeth and can affect your skin.

Aside from the short bursts of energy it gives and the way it sets off the pleasure sensors in your brain, there are really no good things about consuming sugar.

But I’m not here to tell you to stop eating it.

Because seriously… you’re not going to and neither am I.

Not only is sugar added to far more foods than you even realize, but it’s also delicious.

And if you know me at all, you know I’m about making fitness and health as easy as possible.

If I tell you to stop having sugar, it’s all you’re going to think about (like any other food you’ve ever tried to eliminate from your diet).

Is it possible to give it up and go sugar-free? For the small few, sure. But for most, it’s just not realistic in the world we live in today.

And since we know it’s really not great for us, and I’m assuming you’d prefer to avoid cancer, diabetes, etc. at all costs, I want to help you...

January 2019 - Photo 8.png

You know…so many people enter each new year thinking “This is it! This is MY year!”

But it’s really not about your year.

It’s about the fact that it’s all yours. Every year, every week, every day, and every moment.

I’ve seen so many memes shared on social media over the last couple of months that imply people are so ready to be done with 2018 because surely 2019 will bring something better.

And those memes appear every single year. Coincidence?

Here’s the deal: You can step up, take control, and shift the course of your life literally at any moment you choose, whether January 1, April 22, or October 19.

So, if you never want to look back with regret on the actions you should have taken or how far along you’d be if you just acted sooner, change now.

Literally now.

Take a new action.

Recommit and start in this very moment.

Because no day of the week or year is the day you should be waiting for.


What’s the Big Deal about Carbs?

Starchy carbs get so much attention when it comes to nutrition conversations because they are the biggest double-edged sword our bodies have to deal with. On one hand, all of our energy in the body comes from glucose molecules (carbs in their basic sugar form) but on the other, our bodies weren’t designed to be surrounded by so many readily available carbs.

So when our body does get an onslaught of starchy carbs (usually from refined sugars in all of our indulgence foods or simple carbs found in anything baked with flour), it handles them by releasing insulin. Insulin is responsible for a lot of important functions in the body, but by design, it is a storage hormone. So instead of signaling our body to burn fat, our bodies actually get the signal to store fat whenever we eat a lot of starchy carbs.

This is why you can expect to make the biggest dent in your weight loss if you begin to control starchy carbs with every meal.

Where are Carbs Found?

Carbs are found in a lot of different...