Lauren Caron


Lauren Caron

Age/Birthday: 29, November 12th

Position: Owner/Marketing Director/Personal Trainer

Length of Time @ ResFit: Since the beginning (9/29/09!)

Best Trainer Tip: “Always workout when you know you will. No time is better than another; it’s all about when YOU will do it!”

Workout I Dread Most: “LEGS & ABS!!!!”

My Favorite Workout: “I love lifting on back & shoulder days! Those muscles pop the best on my body which makes them FUN!”

Current Go-To Snack: “I’m obsessed right now with whole-wheat tortillas and almond butter. Yum! Oh, and Quest Bars!”

Favorite Cheat Meal: “Taco Bell & Dr. Pepper!”

Non-Fitness Related Hobbies/Interests: “I love makeup & hair! I can spend hours experimenting and doing both!”

This Year’s Goal: “I’m working on focusing more on my relationships and less on my task list.”

Tell Us One Thing We Don’t Know About You: “Well, here are 2 things as with either, some will know one & not the other.
1. I am a VERY PROUD TEXAN!!! 😊
2. I want to donate money and volunteer time to work with big cats and other endangered exotic animals.”