Lance Caron

Age/Birthday: 30 years, 9/16

Position: Owner & Founder of Resurrection Fitness, Inc.

Length of Time w/ResFit: Lance started ResFit out of his home on 9/30/08

Best Trainer Tip: “Slow down and focus on the muscle being worked to focus on maximal contraction. Momentum is an outside force and takes away from the muscle tension.”

The Workout You Dread the Most: “I hate hitting legs due to pain, but I want that muscle tension to grow!”

Your Favorite Workout: “All of them – except for stupid legs and cardio!😏”

Favorite Go-To Snack/Meal: “I’m currently in to eating chicken wraps with lettuce, tomato, and lots of spice! Also, I use lots of Hot Sauce from Taco Bell!”

Favorite Cheat Meal: “I like food, lol. Sushi, STL style pizza, Mexican food, and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream!”

Non-Fitness Related Hobbies/Interests: “Playing guitar & singing (just don’t ask me to do it in front of anyone!) I obviously love anything Star Wars and comic related. I love studying Psychology & Body Language & Personality Typing. It really helps me to understand the people I care about more!”

This Year’s Goal: “I’d like to improve density in my calves, upper chest, and quads.”

Tell Us Something We May Not Know About You: “Aside from being Batman (shhhh!)? Despite being in the Fitness Industry, I consider myself more of an artist and an academic than anything. I like to write poetry, draw, and play music, and love learning about almost anything.”




  • ISSA (CPT)
  • NASM (CPT)
  • AED & CPR