Dana Krajacic

Dana Krajacic

Birthday: 10/30/84

Position: Owner/Admin Director

Best Trainer Tip: “Never just go through the motions. Every exercise should be done with a purpose with proper form and execution in mind.”

The Workout You Dread the Most: “Deadlifts, they make my shins hurt!”

Your Favorite Workout: “Cardio! Scott doesn’t like working out with me, LOL.”

Favorite Go-To Snack/Meal: “Kale salad – anytime, anywhere!”

Favorite Cheat Meal: “Cheetos and Oreos and ice cream, oh my!”

Non-Fitness Related Hobbies/Interests: “Spending time with our kids at the pool and lake, weekend getaways, and going to concerts just to name a few.”

This Year’s Goal: “Really pushing myself outside my comfort zone to focus more on weight training.”

Tell Us Something We May Not Know About You: “Cleaning and coloring make my heart so happy.”