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Attention: O'Fallon Area Men and Women Needing To Lose 10lbs. Or More...
Personal Training Has Gotten A Bad Rap...And Honestly, I Agree With It.
Have You Ever Heard Of Someone Working With A Trainer And Didn't Lose Hardly Any Weight?
Save Over 60% Off Our Results Proven Private Training Fat Loss Program!
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4 Sessions at $99 or
8 Sessions at $198
At Resurrection Fitness, We Do Things Differently Because The Status Quo Isn't Working!
We Believe Weight Loss Should Be Much More Than Just A Meal Plan And Some Workouts! 
All too often, so many people put their trust in a personal trainer to help them finally lose the weight that keeps them crying in dressing rooms, pulling at shirts and dresses to hide embarrassing problem areas and avoiding shorts and swimming suits ONLY to have that trust and hope totally lost afterward. 

Nothing makes me sadder because I know what it's like to struggle with self image and how it can affect your confidence at work, how you think your significant other sees you and make you wonder if people see you the way you see yourself and hope they don't. 

You see, I created Resurrection Fitness to be different than anything out there for many reasons. 
  • I got so tired of gyms making people feel like they were just a credit card to be swiped and didn't matter after that.
  • I would get furious watching trainers play on their phones or seem bored or uninterested in their clients when they were supposed to be "guiding" them on the most important journey toward self esteem and accomplishment. 
  • I was irritated with trainers preaching that "discipline" was the most important item on their checklist for success rather than leading them into setting realistic goals with HUGE emotional reasons why they want to reach them which is what drives us to do things that seem disciplined. (Psychology shows us that the "why" or "vision" for goals is more important than discipline which can fade when we get emotional.)
  • I wanted a place for people to go and know that the one guiding them would have empathy and understand their struggles with food and working out and have a plan to help them truly get results and KEEP them! 
Now, I know what you might be thinking right about now. "This all sounds great, but I really would like to "test" this all out before committing to a full blown program... I want to know that I'm going to love the program before that."

I totally get that and that's why I created our S.M.A.R.T. Start Fat Loss Formula for clients just like you in mind. 
Here's What You Get With Our S.M.A.R.T. Start Fat Loss Formula...
  • Custom Fat Loss Strategy Consultation Consisting of: 
  •  Body Transformation Analysis:         $67 Value
  • Goal Setting And Action Plan Strategy Session:         $59 Value
  • FIT3D Body Composition Scan:         $47 Value
  •  28 Day Custom Fat Loss Meal Plan:        $119 Value

  • Ongoing Accountability And Guided Coaching Consisting of: 
  •  Four or Eight 30-Minute Metabolic Workout Sessions:         $178 Value
  •  Unlimited Access To VIP Coaching Group:        $29 Value
  •  Unlimited Email Support From Fitness & Nutrition Specialists:        $19 Value
  •  Weekly Motivation And Consistent Accountability:         Priceless
Total Value: $518
Now Just
4 Sessions at $99 or
8 Sessions at $198
    Here’s What People Are Saying:
    100% Money Back Guarantee
    Results. Results. Results. 
    What Are You Waiting For?
    Now, Is Your Time To Completely Re-Shape Your Body Just Like Our Clients Above!
    P.S: Taking action is what got REAL results for our clients just like you! Take your first step by clicking the button and letting us put you on the right path to success!
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