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Hi, We’re Scott And Dana Krajacic.

Scott And Dana

We both grew up with active lifestyles centered on athletics which has helped ground our passion for fitness. We believe in hard work, dedication, and building lasting relationships and strive every day to achieve that with every person who walks through our doors. We know just how hard it can be taking those first steps and feeling terrified of the unknown and the fear of failing at something that means so much to your confidence and self image.

Scott has even gone through quite a transformation himself, losing 50 pounds of body fat and uses those techniques to not only keep himself in shape, but to help as many people as possible do the same.

We are incredibly dedicated now more than ever to encourage and help as many people as possible push through any mental and physical barriers that lie ahead to achieve their own goals.

And our dedicated team of fully certified professional fitness trainers and nutrition consultants aspire to do the same thing. We work with each other to provide optimal personalized results-oriented fitness training for better health.

We’re “outside the box” thinkers and we realize a gym regimen is good from some but it gets old fast! We focus on providing measurable weight loss, toning, and muscle building results in a safe environment, for clients that may not feel comfortable walking into a stale gym atmosphere.

There’s zero intimidation factor at Resurrection Fitness. We are in the business of making people feel better about themselves and comfortable throughout the process.

1 – We help our clients create the mindset to commit to long-term fitness and then we use their preferences and tolerances to build a personalized plan to achieve it.

2 – We moderate and adjust it along the way to maximize results so you can SEE the results of your efforts.

3 – We also MEASURE your progress as you knock off your personal fitness goals and work to remove any interference that may be blocking your way.

This is achieved in private personal training, group personal training and online support.

Call Us Today! We can’t wait to meet you and get started!

 Scott& Dana








Scott & Dana Krajacic