Group Personal Training

Group Personal Training


“Not exercising steals the good health of every human being, while moving and regular rigorous exercise protects and preserves it.”


Group Personal Training has gained popularity over the past few years as large box gyms are out and small personal exercise facilities are in. Resurrection certified trainers offer personalized workout programs and individual attention without the higher bill that comes with one-on-one training sessions.

In the past if you were into fitness you were doing one of three things:

*Working out by yourself as a “loner” at the gym

*Taking aerobics or aqua-aerobics classes

*Using a personal trainer one-on-one

How come group personal training is here to stay?

It gets results fast and it’s affordable, particularly when compared to private training. Group training is also incredibly motivational because everyone around you is sweating up a storm trying to beat their personal best. High energy adrenaline buzzes through the air, pushing you to do “one more rep” every time.

Group Fitness Feels Fabulous!

At Resurrection Group Personal Training we offer diverse high intensity training sessions by a certified fitness trainer that caters to all physical levels and abilities. Every exercise can be easily modified to intensify or lighten the load. With the promise that every single person will be driven to challenge their maximum and continuously set the bar higher.

Our elite group training sessions set you up for success and fast measurable results.


We also offer custom meal planning to maximize your weight loss efforts.

Your health is your most valuable asset. Resurrection Fitness Group Personal Training will make sure you take care of your health in a fun and energetic environment, where you’ll meet lots of new people of all shapes and sizes.

Many of our clients take Group Personal Training and combine them with Private Personal Training. You need to figure out what works best for you and leave it to Resurrection Fitness to make sure you hit your fitness goals and never stop.

You control you and change doesn’t happen unless you make the commitment,


Take action today to feel energetic and look wonderful tomorrow.

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