Jacob Manes Personal Training Instructor

Jacob Manes in O'Fallon - Resurrection Fitness

Jacob Manes

Position: Personal Trainer

Best Trainer Tip: Always think of health and fitness as a positive part of your life. When you think of it as a negative, it becomes a burden and your goals will most likely never be met!

The Workout You Dread the Most: Cardio

Your Favorite Workout: Hypertrophy Training

Favorite Go-To Snack/Meal: Sushi

Favorite Cheat Meal: Tacos/ Burritos

Non-Fitness Related Hobbies/Interests: Playing Hockey, Going to St. Louis Blues games, Hiking, Training boxing. I am a huge movie buff!

Personal Goals: Compete in a triathlon and a full marathon one day, be able to train people every level of fitness from beginners to pro athletes, start competing in multiple sports again, travel more

Tell Us Something We May Not Know About You: My second language is movie quotes

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