Our Story

Resurrection Fitness began in the dining room of Co-Owners Lance and Lauren Caron with only a few clients interested in reaching their fitness goals. They built their clients' confidence through intense workouts and great results. They did this by utilizing resistance training with the body's natural weight and only a few apparatuses, as well as meeting the clients' aerobic needs in a similar fashion.

Gradually, through building a larger following and acquiring more equipment, they went on to expand from the dining room to their basement and then shortly after developed their first real studio in Warrenton, Missouri.

Lance and Lauren set forth to change the area within the realm of fitness and with the help of the great fitness team they accrued, had little trouble in doing so. The ResFit team built a rather impressive "Wall of Fame" of clientele, yielding great results thanks to each client's fantastic efforts and the guidance of the fitness experts on staff.

After growing so large that Warrenton's building could no longer accommodate the crew of clientele and the ResFit team, it was yet again, time to move on to bigger and better for everyone.

In May of 2012, Resurrection Fitness set up their next location in Lake St. Louis, Missouri right on the lake with a building that doubled the size of their last one thanks to the support of their loyal clientele and staff. In doing this, they've been able to have a more flexible schedule for clients, more equipment, and room for many more clients to make their way on to the famous "Wall of Fame".

What to Expect

Welcome to Resurrection Fitness! We are a private, one on one personal fitness training facility. We specialize in workouts geared toward fat loss, muscle toning and coordination building. We do this through higher intensity programs that target both aerobic and anaerobic needs

Resurrection Fitness experts will assist you with:

-Proper exercise execution

-Correct anatomic form for safety and results

-Safe and fun workouts

-Intense sessions geared to push each individual to their full potential

-Balance and coordination improvement

-Muscle building and toning

-Total body fat loss along with inches

-Unique workout sessions to keep each person from being bored during workouts

-Improved confidence and assistance within setting realistic goals and reaching them

-Improved range of motion and flexibility

These are just to name a few of the total benefits you will experience while training with us. We are confident that together we can reach all of your goals and achieve that new confidence and body that you have wanted to attain but never knew how to get.

Location and Info

ResFit Studio is located at:
25 Lakeside Drive
Lake St. Louis, MO 63367

To book a FREE consultation with a ResFit fitness expert, call 636-625-3006