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At Resurrection Fitness Personal Training we are in the business of blasting fat, toning and building sexy lean muscle, and creating healthy habits in fitness and wellness for life! This isn’t a one-stop-shop like so many other gimmicks out there; loaded with false promises and unrealistic expectations that just don’t stick! YUK!

We take the time to understand our client’s needs, while creating realistic plans with measurable results. In other words, we help you set your weight loss goals and timeline, and hold you accountable to reach your fitness goals!


Core Values

Commitment and Determination-  We believe success is attainable by setting realistic goals, committing to them and being determined to see them through- no matter what.

Teamwork and Encouragement- Our focus for our team and those we serve centers around teamwork and encouragement for every person to reach their maximum potential.

Connection- We provide a relationally focused atmosphere based upon emotional support, trust as well as safe and secure communication

Inspire- Our goal is to inspire a sense of hopefulness and passion to achieve new levels of personal growth.

Service- We strive to exceed the expectations of those we serve.

Our Mission

To EMPOWER any individual to believe that anything they fully commit to (mind, body and spirit) can be attained.

Resurrection Fitness is in the business of offering personalized solutions to weight loss FAST!

It’s tough to get into shape for anyone. We all have our insecurities. That’s okay.

We understand.

Our specialized team of personal fitness trainers would love to take you through a complimentary high-energy workout at our O’Fallon Personal Training Studio in Missouri. Then you can see for yourself we are the perfect personal fitness training specialists for you!

Come and meet us so we can show you how to get fit fast and love it!

We focus on getting results with elite interval training techniques that boost your metabolism; to maximize fat burn and increase lean muscle building. This accelerates fat loss by naturally increasing your energy expenditure when you are training and resting!

“My problem was that I wanted a “quick fix” to get rid of the weight I was holding on to. Over the course of our training, Resurrection Fitness has taught me how to be patient with my body and that it does take hard work and most importantly, time when losing as much weight as I wanted to lose.”

Shanna, wife and mother of 2

We teach weight loss solutions.


It’s time for you to get into the best shape of your life!

Our team of personal fitness experts will help you set your weight loss goals by creating a plan to reach your targets quickly, and most importantly HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE! At Resurrection Fitness our strategies include intense diversified fitness training and effective healthy eating tactics personalized to you.

We are your weight loss and nutrition specialists.

Drop us a line and let’s get started TODAY!

Can’t wait to meet you!

The Resurrection Fitness Team


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20 Crossroads Plaza

O’Fallon, MO 63368


What People Say
Tammy F.
Love the training at this club... Personalized and always changing it up!
Lindsey S.
Love this place! I've worked out for yea a but not consistently and without someone really pushing me. Joining here was just the push I needed!
Laurie L.
Bootcamps are fun but intense. Great support from the staff and lots of fun people in the groups to cheer each other on!
Sarah M.
Great place of super supportive trainers! Definitely not your box gym! It truly is a family.
Cara O.
Great place, great group of people to workout with and the trainers are awesome!
Jamie F.
Love this place! Very friendly; you get support not only from the trainers but also other clients. Highly recommend!
Jessica G
Love it here!! The trainers are great! Very encouraging and supportive environment!
Rachel P.
This place rocks! If a big gym intimidates you THIS is the place to go! The entire staff is welcoming and they meet you where you are at... Whether you need just a jumpstart or need help reaching a big goal, I can't recommend Resurrection Fitness enough for personalized help!